Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lawrence and Two Jane Doyles

I was searching for more information about the children of William and Martha (Reay) Doyle in Northumberland in the mid-1800s.  My great-grandfather Andrew was the fifth child and second youngest.  William and Martha's children are
        > Jane, born 1826
        > William, born 1828
        > Lawrence, born 1830
        > Martha, born 1833
        > Andrew, born 1836, my 2nd-great-grandfather
        > Martha, born 1839

At FreeReg, I found burial information for
        > Lawrence Doyle, age 12, buried in June, 1841, and
        > Jane Doyle, age 32, buried in May, 1860

Interestingly, neither Lawrence nor Jane are found in the 1861 U.K. Census.  It's conceivable that Jane married, in which case I wouldn't know her married surname.

I remembered that Andrew's first wife was Jane Barron who died before 1863 when Andrew married Elizabeth Laws.

When I checked FreeReg again with different search criteria, I found  two Jane Doyles who were buried in 1860 in Bedlington, Northumberland.  One was 23, the other 32.  These ages are within a few years of the ages of both Janes.  (Jane Barron Doyle's birth year is estimated based on Andrew's year of birth.)

Of course, there's no certainty that these are Andrew Doyle's sister, brother, and first wife.  With high hopes I ordered death records for both Jane Doyles, Lawrence Doyle, and a marriage record for Jane Barron and Andrew Doyle.

Will there be enough information them to confirm that these are my Doyle family?  You can never tell how much information you'll find on the U.K. death records.


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  1. Good for you ordering the records, especially since you are not sure if they are relevant. I look forward to reading what you find.

    1. I didn't think there were any other reasonable options, Wendy, especially because I'm trying to be accurate. I hope they turn out to my family and, especially, that the records give me enough information to know that.


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