Saturday, July 11, 2020

Died Early, Born Late

This week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun at Randy Seaver's GeneaMusings was to answer this question:   How Many Ancestors Have You "Met?"

1) Write down which of your ancestors that you have met in person (yes, even if you were too young to remember them).
2) Tell us their names, where they lived, and their relationship to you in a blog post, or in comments to this post, or in comments on Facebook.

Many of the ancestors I could have known died at early ages of unusual cases, and being the youngest child of my parents, I was born late.  I regret that I have met exactly and only four of my ancestors.

Audrey (Meinzen) Doyle (1915-1997), my mother, was born in Warren, Ohio, where she lived for a few years of her childhood.  She lived most of her life in Mineral Ridge, Ohio, except for a few years back in Warren while she was a nursing student and in Niles, Ohio for a few years after her marriage.

Lee Doyle (1913-1987), my father, was born in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania, where he lived for the first 20 or 21 years of his life.  From there he moved to Niles, Ohio, where he lived until after his marriage to my mother in 1938.  He lived the rest of his life in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

Emma (Bickerstaff) Meinzen (1893-1973), my maternal grandmother, was born in Mingo Junction, Ohio.  She lived there and in neighboring towns, including Steubenville, until she was about 20, when she moved with her parents to Mineral Ridge, Ohio.  When she married, she and her husband lived in Warren, Ohio, for a few years, then moved to Mineral Ridge.

William Carl Robert Meinzen (1892-1979), my maternal grandmother, was born in Steubenville, Ohio, and lived there until his marriage in 1914.  He and his wife lived in Warren, Ohio, for a few years, then moved to Mineral Ridge, Ohio, where they both spend the rest of their lives.

Thanks for the Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, Randy.


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  1. I wish I had been able to meet my paternal grandfather. He died of TB 16 years before I was born, but everyone says he was a wonderful man. I was lucky to spend a lot of time growing up with each of my other three grandparents. I'm sorry that you weren't able to meet two of your own grandparents.

    1. Even though you didn't get to meet your paternal grandfather, Linda, it's wonderful that so many people had good things to say about him. Perhaps now you have some second-hand memories of him.

  2. As the youngest sibling of youngest siblings, I am therefore the youngest cousin as well. So there is a lot that i missed out on as well. My father's mother died at least a year before I was born, cancer of the breast... terrible on those days! Grampa re-married before I was born. Never met my great grand parents. But Hubby has great-great grandchildren. So my the great grandparents died young, as opposed to today.

    1. I'm sure breast cancer a century ago was a more miserable disease than it is now. It's sad how few of our grandparents we actually met, great that your husband has g-g-grandchildren!


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