Thursday, January 5, 2023

January Celebrations among My Ancestors & Relatives

Every few years I write monthly posts of birthdays and marriages for ancestors and some relatives, both living and dead.  Recently I realized that some ancestors never make it to this list because I don't have birth dates for them.  This year I'm including them with their death dates.  A death is not exactly a cause for celebration so I'm adjusting my view of these posts and thinking of them as celebrations that these people lived and are part of my family.  The death dates are indicated with a d. after the date.

In previous years I've not included my lineage to my grandparents.  You can find that as the last list on this post.

Living Relatives
January 10    Olivia D.
January 10    Isaac D.
January 14    Heather E.
January 31    Michael M.
January 31    Caleb  E.

The Grands
January   8, 1873       Andrew Doyle
January 10, 1894 d.   Susan Holmes (w/o William Bickerstaff) 
January 13, 1847       Abel Armitage and Eliza Hartley
January 15, 1883       Ellis H. Bickerstaff  and Lucy Umbarger
January 19, 1817       Elizabeth Thompson (w/o Robert Laws)

Collateral Relatives
January   1, 1891    Infant Thompson  (c/o John and Lydia Bell Thompson)
January   2, 1854    Enos Bickerstaff and Abigail Arbaugh
January   4, 1851    Anthony Laws
January   5, 1866    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Froman
January   9, 1903    Harry G. Froman
January 10, 1906    Minnie M. Gerner
January 11, 1887    Gust Proud
January 13, 1844    Jane Laws
January 16, 1864    Rebecca Lynch
January 17, 1833    Enos Bickerstaff
January 18, 1863    John F. Froman
January 20, 1858    Mary Ellen Thompson
January 20, 1881    Alma Mary Gerner
January 20, 1887    Lula Bernesa (Luella) Meinzen
January 21, 1869    Alfred Vensel and Emma Gerner
January 22, 1861    Augustine Bickerstaff and Mary Dunn
January 26, 1866    Robert James Armitage
January 26, 1885    Elizabeth Wilhelmina (Mina, Minnie) Meinzen
January 26, 1892    William Henry Bickerstaff
January 28, 1872    Catherine Froman
January 28, 1885    Elizabeth May Thompson
January 28, 1889    Frederick Doyle
January 28, 1908    Edna Hendricks

The Lines of the Grands
  • Andrew Doyle >William Doyle  >Gust Doyle  >Lee Doyle  >me
  • Susan Holmes (w/o William Bickerstaff)  >Ellis Bickerstaff  >Edward J. Bickerstaff  >Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • Abel Armitage and Eliza Hartley  >Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen  >W. C. Robert Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • Ellis Bickerstaff  >Edward J. Bickerstaff  >Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen   >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me.  Lucy Umbarger is Ellis's third wife and not related to me.
  • Elizabeth Thompson (w/o Robert Laws)  >Elizabeth Jane Laws Doyle  >William Doyle  >Gust Doyle  >Lee Doyle  >me


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