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February Celebrations among Relatives and Ancestors

When I think of February births, especially in the early 1900s or before, I imagine the challenge of keeping a baby warm, of washing and drying diapers in winter, of the exhaustion of moms and keeping up with everything else they had to do.  I'm so glad these February babies survived to adulthood.  If one of them hadn't, I wouldn't be here!

There is one father/son in this group:  Augustine Bickerstaff is the father of William Bickerstaff.  I have only a death date for Augustine.  William was 50 years and 1 day on the day his father died.

My father Lee and his twin sister Leila were both born at the end of this month.  Leila lived only a few weeks.  

Sadly, I did not personally know many of the people who were born in February.  The one I do know are my father, Lee Doyle, my grandfather, W. C. Robert Meinzen, Edward Morris, Daniel Bickerstaff, Ben Hashman (who died when I was very young), Della Gerner (who I met only once), Bill and Doris Meinzen Dray, and Cory Bickerstaff. 

Living Relatives
February 26     Elaine W.

The Grands
February       1899 d.  Christian Gerner
February   7, 1915 d.  Jacob Bell
February   8, 1892      W. C. Robert (Bob) Meinzen
February 14, 1807      William Bickerstaff
February 15, 1857 d.  Augustine Bickerstaff
February 27, 1913      Lee Doyle

Collateral Relatives
February   1, 1907    Edna Vandegrift or Vandergrift
February   2, 1893    Edward Morris
February   7, 1893    Sudie Jane Coss
February   9, 1910    John F. Froman  and Rebecca Lynch
February 13, 1875    Hannah Elizabeth Meinzen
February 14, 1859    Peter Armitage
February 14, 1914    Veronica June Meinzen
February 15, 1856    Joseph Laws
February 15, 1926    Daniel Francis Bickerstaff and Beulah Fritz
February 17, 1878    Benjamin Robert Hashman
February 17, 1879    Della Virginia Gerner
February 18, 1902    Sarah Meinzen
February 18, 1942    William Dray and Doris Jean Meinzen
February 23, 1878    Rachel Ann Thompson
February 26, 1866    Douglas S. Bell
February 27, 1913    Leila Doyle
February 27, 1915    Charles Fredrick Gerner
February 28, 1911    Cora Elizabeth (Cory) Bickerstaff

The Lines of the Grands
  • Christian Gerner  >Fredrick Gerner  >Beulah Gerner Doyle  >Lee Doyle  >me
  • Jacob Bell  >Lydia Bell Thompson  >Mary Thompson  >Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • William Carl Robert Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • William Bickerstaff  >Ellis H. Bickerstaff  >Edward Jesse Bickerstaff  >Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • Augustine Bickerstaff  >William Bickerstaff  >Ellis H. Bickerstaff  >Edward Jesse Bickerstaff  >Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen  >Audrey Meinzen Doyle  >me
  • Lee Doyle  >me 

Because I believe in an afterlife, I'm wishing all these individuals a happy day!


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