Friday, August 28, 2009

Marsha and David, Easter, 1958

The photo of Marsha was taken in Gramma and Grampa's backyard in the house on Furnace Street. We're looking northeast. The barren fields may now be covered with trees or houses.

Marsha would have been about 15 in this photo. Don't you think she looks older and more mature than 15?

I think this photo of David was also taken at Gramma and Grampa's but I'm not sure. At first I thought it was in their driveway looking westward toward Hancox's, but the rest of the buildings are wrong. If anyone recognizes the location of the photo, please post a note in the comment section below.

Doesn't David look handsome? I think he is several years younger than Marsha so perhaps he was in his early teens in this photo.

The photo arrived damaged but the damage was in the print itself, not on the photo. The surface of the photograph is smooth. Don't know what happened. At least we can still see David!

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