Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catherine Saylor Froman, Certificate of Death (transcription)

Gravestone of Catherine Saylor Froman
at Oak Hill Cemetery, Stoneboro, Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Catherine is a direct-line ancestor. My line to her: me -> my father, Lee Doyle -> Gust Doyle -> Tressa Froman Doyle -> Catherine Saylor Froman

Catherine's death certificate was a generous gift from Linda Bellerose, another Froman researcher. We are still working to clarify the connection between her ancestor and my great-grandfather, John Froman, Catherine's husband. This death certificate has extended my line one more generation with the naming of Catherine's father. Thank you, Linda.

Certificate of Death, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics, File No. 125048

Place of Death: County of Mercer
Borough of: Stoneboro

Full Name: Catherine Froman

Personal and Statistical Particulars
Sex: Female
Color or Race: White
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced: Widowed
Wife of: John Froman
Date of Birth: June 5, 1844
Age: 84 years, 6 months, 15 days
Occupation of Deceased: Housewife
Birthplace: Germany
Name of Father: Jacob Saylor
Birthplace of Father: Germany
Maiden Name of Mother: Not known
Birthplace of Mother: [blank]
Informant: J. F. Froman
Address: Stoneboro, Pa.
Filed: Dec. 23, 1928, J. E. Ferringer, Registrar

Medical Certificate of Death
Date of Death: Dec. 20, 1929
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from: Nov. 1, 1928 to Dec. 20, 1928...
death occurred at: 3:30 a.m.
Cause of Death: Organic Heart Disease
What test confirmed diagnosis: clincial
Signed: J. E. Ferringer, Dec. 20, 1928, Stoneboro, Pa.
Place of Burial: Oak Hill
Date of Burial: Dec. 22, 1928
Undertaker: A. M. Yeager, Stoneboro

I am trying to puzzle together the situation in this family. It seems that Catherine and her daughter, Tressa Froman Doyle, had little contact with each other as adults even though they lived in the same community. Tressa's granddaughter, Tressa, did not remember ever having met Catherine. Tressa (the younger) was 7 when Catherine died. I'll probably never know the story.


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