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My grandmother, Emma Virginia Bickerstaff Meinzen, is on the right standing with her mother and sisters. The others, from the left, are Mary Ellen (Mayme) Bickerstaff Morris; Mary Thompson Bickerstaff, her mother; and Cora Bickerstaff. Cora was born in 1911 so I would date this photo to the mid to late 1920s.

...and Age

The sisters on either side of center are reversed in this photo. My grandmother is on the left, Cora is in the center, and Mary Ellen is on the right. And, of course, their mother is gone. This photo was probably taken in the early 1950s.

There's no escaping time (other than a young death). I don't enjoy what time does to me, but I thoroughly enjoy looking at time's effects on individuals in photographs. I like to see how they change as they grow older. Sometimes one can hardly recognize older folks in younger photographs of themselves. Other times, they look almost the same. Some people seem to grow old so beautifully, outwardly and/or from the changes that happen in the heart. Some folks just get ugly (inside and/or out) as they get older. I think that my grandmother's heart became more beautiful as she aged.

Do you have photographs of ancestors at two different ages? What do you find when you compare the photos? Do you know an ancestor who became more beautiful (or not) as he/she aged?

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  1. I do have some photos of my ancestors at different ages. I think that would be a great thing to post. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I did a 'two age' post only last week - great minds think alike! lol :)

  3. You said it perfectly. I also like to see the changes over time in photographs, but am not so fond of it when it's happening to me.

  4. Just thought you may not know about this:-

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  5. Some people do seem to get more beautiful as they age. . . must be their souls shining through.

  6. I have had the privilege of being able to compare photographs of my grandfather in his youth and when he was older (about a year ago I had never seen any photographs of him), and was surprised to see that he looked like one of my uncles when he was young and like a different uncle when he was older. He looked more innocent when he was young and more careworn when he was older. Both pictures are beautiful to me.

  7. I ,love to see when young and when old... interesting. I always want to read in the faces what they are thinking at this moment, happy or sad, the eyes say a lot.

  8. That's a great idea. I think I'll put together some "time-line" photos. I enjoyed seeing yours.

  9. Yes I agree that it is often difficult for us to recognise close relatives at different (and for us personally) unknown ages. Perhaps we can be too close to them. I am always amazed how easily things like Picassa facial recognition can match photos of my father aged 5 and 85 without any trouble at all.

  10. lovely pictures!!
    age doesn't phase me as i wouldn't go back. i'll embrace my first half-century in a few months and rather enjoy the thought, even if the body is not as healthy as it used to be... i must share the same genes as my ancestors, as i remain pretty much the same, easily recognizable. could it be that i have a good soul??? some believe so... i know some of my ancestors did too, some others, not so much...

  11. Such lovely photos and a real treasure to have. You are so right about how interesting it is to look back on someone and see them age through their photos taken throughout their life. Some people carry the same look from very early childhood and others look nothing like their adult selves.

  12. My great grandfather lost his good looks but still had his portly belly. Great post you have here.

  13. Oh Time Grows A Certain Beauty In Many Folk.It is Very Rare to find a Handsome Youth.A Lovely Comparison Of Photos.Have A Great Week Nancy.

  14. its a comparison i've made with some of my family photos - tho I'm not sure i've blogged about it.

    must put that right some time!


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