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Mineral Ridge Businesses, 1930

This is a list of businesses which advertised in the "Dedication Day Program" of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church of September 7th, 1930. There links to the other posts where you can images of the pages from the program.

I was surprised at how many businesses were in the Ridge at that time. I also thought the phone numbers were interesting.

Mineral Ridge and Evansville
  • The Ridge Cast Products Co.
  • Riverside Hatchery. "Baby Chicks that are bred to lay, from trap nested yearly hens. Broilers - Eggs - Stock. J. W. Laverty, Prop. Phone 107"
  • D. J. Hughes. Coal and Builders Supplies
  • Clyde McConnell
  • C. L. Adgate and Son
  • The Meander Coal and Supply Company. "We had the pleasure of furnishing the builders supplies for this building with the exception of the face brick and few other items. We Sell Quality and Service. Office Phone 203-R. Residence Phone 7004-F 23"
  • D. M. Davis. For Decorating and Painting. Some may deem me full of ego,/ But as sure as you are born,/ You'll not get any where in life/ Unless you toot your horn."
  • William Bickerstaff, General Contractor and Builder of Modern Homes
  • Frank Croft. Gas, Oils and Greases
  • Frank Knoyer Dealer in Poultry, Eggs and Produce.
  • Isaly Diary Products. Myron Evans
  • Peerless Diary. Isaac Joseph
  • Robt. Meinzen. Barber Shop
  • B. Williamson. General Merchandise.
  • Mineral Ridge Print Shop. "Congratulations to the members of the new Methodist Church, We feel grateful for being given the preference of printing this program."
  • The Niles Trust Company - offered congratulations to "the pastor and congregation of the First Methodist Church and the whole Mineral Ridge community upon the completion of their beautiful new house of worship. Such an edifice is truly a community asset."
  • The McKinley Savings and Loan Company - "5 per cent paid on savings accounts."
  • The Home Savings and Loan Co. - "Niles' Oldest Savings Institution. 5% Interest on Savings"
  • E. C. Ferguson Drugs
  • Samuel Rubenstein
  • C. H. Backenstos
  • Kreiger's Sport's Shop
  • The Dollar Savings Bank Co. "Congratulates you upon your wonderful achievement. A truly worthy monument to our Master"
  • O. H. Garland Representing the Niles Motor Sales Co. "For your New Chevrolet or a used car with an O. K. that counts.
  • Frech Brothers Meat Market. 35 State St.
  • Harries and Bowers Building Contractors
  • The Trumbull Savings and Loan Co.
  • Ohio Corrugating Co.
Youngstown and Austintown
  • The Isaly Dairy Co. "All Dairy Products"
  • The Commercial National Bank
  • Jordan-Akins Motor Company. Chrisler [sic] Motor Cars, Firestone Tires, Standard Oil Products.
  • The Dalzell Brothers Company. "'The Roofing and Sheeet Metal Folks.' Warm Air Heaters. 928 W. Rayen Ave."
  • Fithian Cement Products Co. "'Permanent Air Seal' Reinforced. Concrete Burial Vaults. Phone 24812. 6234 Market St.
Other Businesses, Locations not Named
  • The Smith Baldwin Co. "share in enjoying the beautiful Methodist Church. It is a monument that every donor can feel proud of. We are proud of the beautiful addition to our town. Our Churches and our Schools are the Foundation of Good Citizenship. Therefore they are worthy of our full co-operation."
  • John B. Morris - Well Drilling and Pumps. Phone 747-W"
  • Triangle Garage. "Sales Chevrolet Service. Accessories, Tires, Gasoline. General Automobile Repairing. Edison Radios. Phone 536. Day or Night."
  • Garland and Davis. Gas, Oils, Firestone Tires. Exide Batteries, Radios and Accessories. Phone 7 J"
  • Riverside Dairy. Pasteurized Milk and Cream.
  • Geo. Morris & Son. Coal and Cement Work
  • J. J. Tigue. Billiards - Sport Goods - Tobacco etc.
  • Evelyn Dunlap. The Corner Cupboard

The other posts about the dedication program are Dedication Day Program, Mineral Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church; "A Brief Historical Sketch" of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Church; and About the Stained Glass Windows of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Church.


  1. do you what "trap nested hens" are?

  2. Kristin, I didn't know what one was but found a link: It appears that they use the nests to determine the production of eggs.


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