Thursday, February 24, 2011

Could This Be My Jacob Saylor in the 1860 Census?

With a name like Saylor and all its variations, I wasn't able to find my Jacob Saylor in the 1860 census at FamilySearch. He just didn't come up. I decided to try Heritage Quest through my local library using a first name and state search.

This may or may not be my Jacob Saylor. The name was indexed as "Soiler." Maybe you'll take a look and compare writing and tell me what you think. Don't you wish those census takers had to pass a handwriting test?!

According to the biography of his son, Peter Saylor, in the Mercer County History, Jacob's second wife was Mary, as listed here. In the 1850 census the children were Elizabeth, 11; Jacob, 12; Frederic, 7; and Catherine, 5. In 1860, below, Elizabeth and Jacob are not listed; Fredrick is 19; Catherine is 15; and there are two more children, Teressa, 10, and Peter, 1. Also living in the home are a 74 year-old male (with an illegible name), and Mary, 69 years. Unfortunately, in 1860 the relationships to head of household were not identified.

Additionally, the family immediately below Jacob and Mary are Jacob and Elizabeth Sailer. It's possible that Jacob (with Elizabeth) is the son Jacob of the 1850 census.

More research to do.
1860 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Mercer, West Salem Township, West Greenville post office, Written page 57, Printed page 851, Dwelling #410, Family #409, Lines 21-28, June 18, 1860. Heritage Quest, Series M653, Roll 1140, Page 851. Indexed as Soiler.

Jacob Sailer, 44 years, male, farmer, $1200 real estate owned, $175 personal estate owned, born Germany
Mary Sailer, 25 years, female, born Germany
Fredrick Sailer, 19 years, male, born Germany
Catherine Sailer, 15 years, female, born Germany
Teressa Sailer, 10 years, female, born Pa, in school during the year
Peter Sailer, 1[?], male, born Pa
? Sailer, 74 years, male, born Germany
Mary Sailer, 69 years, female, born Germany
[lines 29-33]
Jacob Sailer, 28 years, male, coal digger, $811[?] personal estate owned, born Germany
Elizabeth Sailer, 21 years, female, born Germany
Daniel Sailer, 5 years, male, born Pa, in school during the year
Elizabeth Sailer, 3 years, female, born Pa
Marcus Sailer, 8/12 year, male, born Pa

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