Monday, July 4, 2011

Armitage Reunion, July 4, 1922

What a happy surprise to find this article about the descendants of Abel Armitage while searching for another article on microfilm at the Ohio Historical Society. Because the printed version was so hard to read I transcribed it from the microfilm reader. It is a gold mine of names!

Abel Armitage (senior) was married twice so many of the people mentioned in this article are half-family members. The Abel Armitage of this article was his son and half-brother to my g-grandmother, Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen. By the time this reunion was held, Elizabeth had already passed away. Her husband, Henry, and several of her children and grandchildren attended. The surnames of my whole-ancestors mentioned in this article are Meinzen, Rhome, Sticker, Harris, Henderson, Hendricks, and Hardy.

I especially like the last sentence: "...all returned to their homes feeling it was a good thing to have been there, and realizing that many hallowed memories of these annual meetings shall be engraven upon their hearts." It makes me wish I could have been there.
From "The Steubenville Herald-Star," Tuesday, July 11, 1922, page 5, column 4
The fourth annual reunion of the Armitage family was held in Carpenter’s orchard, Brilliant, O., Tuesday, July 4th. Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. Abel Armitage and children, James, Dohrman, Kenneth, Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Foster Armitage, Mr. Henry Mienzen [sic], Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Sticker, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Harris and children George[,] Edward, Clarence[,] Sydney and Bertha Marie, Mr. William Henderson and son William, Edna Hendricks, Zerelda Hendricks, Miss Cathrine Myers, Mr. Harry Carmichael, Miss Bernice Carmichael[,] Mrs. Mary Martin, Steubenville; Mr. and Mrs. William Hardy and children, Naomi [? - not clearly legible] and William, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hardy and daughter, Irene, Homer Samuels, Mrs. oRbert [sic] Gilchrist, Brilliant; Mrs. Isabelle Burdess and son Charles, Mrs. Georgia Collige and children Ellen and Chas. Arthur, Mrs. Henry Dickey, Miss Maud Dickey, Rayland; Mrs. Dora Richards, Williamsport, Pa.; Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Armitage and daughter Bernice, Mrs. and Mrs. John Armitage and children, Robert and Catherine, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Armitage, Isabelle Jonard, Lawrence Jonard, Mr. Cyrus Shockley[,] Mr. William Welsh, Tiltonville. At 12 o’clock a sumptuous dinner was spread after which a business sesion [sic] was held. The following officers were elected. President Jacob B. Armitage; vice-president George Harris; secretary treasurer John Burdess; historian Mrs. Jacob Armitage. The features of the afternoon were various games, readings and music. Supper was served at 6 o’clock and all returned to their homes feeling it was a good thing to have been there, and realizing that many hallowed memories of thes [sic] annual meetings shall be engraven upon their hearts.


  1. I like your blog, it spurpose and am definitely gonna be reading more

  2. What a lucky find! I had a similar find recently, although not with as many names.

  3. Wendy, we do occasionally happen upon wonderful finds. I guess a family reunion article might be one of the best because so many names are usually listed. Thanks for commenting.


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