Sunday, October 9, 2011

Marsha on Her Trike

This photo was taken a while ago when my sister was 4 or 5 years old. Don't you love her neat little blouse tucked into her skirt with the tiny light-colored sweater? And notice the bow in her hair. It's surprising that she's so dressed up and Mom let her ride her trike. She was probably a very obedient child who stayed clean when Mom told her to.

I can't tell what's behind her trike but it almost looks like something is attached and she's pulling it.

This photo looks like it was taken in my grandparents' driveway. They had grape vines on fences making a border between their driveway and their back yard.

My sister Marsha's birthday is today, October 9. Happy Birthday, dear sister.


  1. Great picture. She looks truly into it! Look at her face, all lit up!
    Yes, we were all dressed perfectly at the beginning of the day and had to stay neat and clean. At least the older kids did! The younger ones, well, they weren't as much under the microscope!
    I could play with the best of them, dig in the dirt and never get my clothes dirty...just the bottoms of my shoes..squatted a lot!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY,Martha. Have a great day!JLK/NK56

  2. Your sister looks just darling! A great moment from the past!

  3. It takes me back! I love the picture!


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