Sunday, April 1, 2012

If you haven't been to FamilySearch. . .

. . . for a while, who knows what you'll find! It's been months and months since I've searched there. I've had my head buried in a Civil War Pension File, photographs, and some other family history work, but not at FamilySearch. I searched for a few minutes yesterday and today and found marriage records for a half dozen of my paternal grandmother Beulah Gerner's Pennsylvania siblings. (And I'm not finished yet.)

Pennsylvania's been a notoriously difficult state because it likes to keep its records in a jaws-of-death grip. I'd almost given up hope of finding any more information than I already have. But FamilySearch just keeps adding and adding, and now, finally, there are some PA records!

I like to find as much information as possible about the families I search but my Gerner line is stubborn: Beulah's father was Fred Gerner, and that's the end. Seems Fred didn't want to be associated with his parents. I was told to find as much information as I can about all the siblings in a family because it may lead me back to some source about Fred that will identify his parents. I keep hoping. And searching.

If there are any other Gerner researchers out there who connect to my Fred Gerner in Butler and Mercer Counties, Pennsylvania, please contact me! I'd like to talk.

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