Saturday, December 22, 2012

Poor Santa

The only thing better than a letter to Santa is a visit with Santa:  you can tell him your list in person and be certain he knows exactly what you want for Christmas. 

This little girl looks like she's spent a tiring day shoppingPerhaps her mom promised her a visit with Santa if she behaved herself and didn't cry or complain.  Now that she's finally on Santa's lap she's not content to just sit and tell him what she wants for Christmas.  No, she's kneeling on his lap so she can speak right into his ear, positive that he will hear her.

After dozens and dozens of sweaty, bedraggled, demanding children, the ever-patient Santa (poor Santa!) still smiles at each.  Amazing.

I have no little ones to take to visit Santa these days and though I have friends with little children, I don't hear about visits to Santa.  Have department-store Santas -- and so many other common-place activities from the middle of the 20th century -- gone the way of the old 8-story department stores? 

Others are sharing old Christmas photographs at Sepia Saturday.  Join in the celebration if you wish!


  1. You look so excited in this picture Nancy.

    1. Now, Jimmie, no names were mentioned in this post.... I hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year to you.

  2. I loved your supposed narrative of the story of the photo Nancy. Happy Holidays!

  3. Am I one of the few who was totally freaked out by Santa?

  4. What an adorable photo!

    Most Santas are now at the Mall in our area, but I surely do
    remember the Santa at Sears, many years ago!

  5. This is a great photo. Now I have to this a photo of you Nancy? Very cute!

  6. I haven't ssen a Santa in a UK store for years; but then I don't 'do' stores at all, if I can avoid them. This year I'll leave it to my wife and my daughter who is arriving home on Christmas Day.

  7. I see plenty of kids lined up for pictures with Santa at the mall. Now, whether they give Santa their wish list, I can't say for sure. Merry Christmas, Nancy!

  8. Whenever you see a Santa here, it's either the Salvation Army or he is hired by the local mall. In Rotterdam he may be an undercover cop... serious! But they all mean well. Merry Christmas, Nancy.

  9. I think all the Santas are at the malls now.

  10. My one-year-old grandson won't go near Santa! Tears every time. Maybe next year.

  11. What a darling picture. Merry Christmas!

    Kathy M.

  12. Having been frighted to death by a drunken Liverpool Santa as a child, I was always a bit wary myself! P.S,Nancy did you get the presents you wished for?


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