Friday, June 27, 2014

Assistance, Please? - Friday's Faces from the Past

I hope you will lend your eyes and give an opinion.  I have two identified photos of Tressa (Froman) Doyle:  the photos at the far left and far right of the strip below.

  Tressa at ~18      -      Lady #1       -        Lady #2        -       Lady #3        -        Lady #4    -     Tressa at ~65
They are the only photographs I have of Froman ancestors except that one of the four ladies in the center of the strip of photos is also Tressa.  The four were cropped from a small group photograph taken at a Doyle family gathering in 1903 when Tressa would have been about 36.  At that time she had a 16-year-old daughter, a 14-year-old son, and an 11-year-old daughter.

Look at hairline, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, possibly even chin.  Which lady do you think looks most like Tressa?  Lady #1, Lady #2, Lady #3, or Lady #4?  (The numbering is based on arrangement in the original photo.)

Won't you please tell me what you think? 



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  1. Wow this is hard! I'd rule out #2 for sure (chin is too pointy and ears stick out slightly).
    Right now I'm leaning toward #3: notice Tressa's ears are different - one lies rather flat while the other sits out slightly; you get a hint of that same thing with #3's ears. Also #3 has that soft rounded chin that characterizes the older Tressa. Runner-up is #1 whose nose and general mouth shape seem most like Young Tressa's but the ears are wrong. Plus she looks older than 36, but without Mary Kay in those days everybody looked old regardless of their actual age.

    1. Thank you for such a careful and detailed evaluation, Wendy. I forgot to include ears in my original list of what to look at and then added them after your comment. I hadn't looked closely at ears but I can they can be influential in a "question" like this. Thanks for responding. I appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thought, Far Side. I originally thought #1, too, but then read Wendy's thoughts and am reconsidering.

  3. If only we could get a better look at the eyes, as Tressa's are obviously blue - or very light-colored. I'm with Wendy - leaning toward #3... the soft chin - and even the expression on her face is very similar to Tressa. Do you know if they are sisters?

    1. Hi, Kathy. Thanks for offering a few thoughts about the ladies and which may be Tressa. I agree that her eyes are almost definitely blue but with only one photo (and no color photos available at the time) photos of her at an older age than her wedding photo offer not help.

      Tressa was a daughter-in-law in this family photograph. Three of the ladies above could be sisters, or they could be the wives of Tressa's husband's brothers - so, also sisters/daughters-in-law. But it's also possible that one or several could be sisters to her husband. Women #1 through #3 are standing behind 2 older women on a porch with children on the edge of the porch in front of them and sons/brothers sitting on the ground in front of the porch. The woman on the right, #4, is standing behind the father/father-in-law who is sitting on a chair in front of the porch.

      If only they'd written on the back of the photo!

      Thanks again for offering your thoughts, Kathy.

  4. I would also say #3. Note too, in both known pictures of Tressa, her head is tilted slightly to the right as does lady #3's

    1. You're right about the head tilt, Michael. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it.


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