Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Sad Graves - Tombstone Tuesday

Winona Elva (or Elva W.) Mendenhall Covert Gerner was wife to two different husbands.  She remarried after the death of her first husband, Everett R. Covert, and died before her second husband, Alfonzo Gerner.  I suppose it would be a hard choice to know with which husband to be buried.  Maybe she and Alfonzo discussed it and they both agreed about her burial location.

Still, I think it's sad to see Alfonzo's grave marker, standing alone, identifying him as the husband of Elva W. Covert with her buried beside her first husband.

Both photographs are from Find A Grave and are used with the permission of the photographer, Zachary Pyle.


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  1. I know of cases where a wife who had remarried was buried with the first husband because they represent the "original" family and were parents of their children. I also have a distant relative who is buried with her husband and his second wife - the husband is in the middle between his wives. How cozy is that!

    1. I guess it would be a predicament to decide the burial location of a woman -- or probably even a man -- who was married twice. Yes, cozy to be buried between two wives.

  2. I always wonder in such cases who decided which husband to bury them beside. If she hadn't purchased a plot ahead of time and it was up to the children, they may have chosen the spouse they descend from. It does make me feel sad when I see a headstone standing alone.

    1. I also wondered if she had already decided to be buried beside her first husband, especially because there is a double grave marker. I don't know but I suspect that the children had a lot to say about their mother's burial location. But yes, poor Alfonzo.


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