Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Now We Are Eight

Some years I forget that August 1, 2009, is the anniversary of My Ancestors and Me.  That year my daughter suggested I start a blog.  Why, I wondered?  What would I blog about?  And who would read it?  She persisted and it finally occurred to me that I could write a family history blog, though I still couldn't guess who would read it.  I went through the process of creating a blog, giving it a url with my name.  Only afterward did I realize that I didn't want to call it Nancy's Family History Blog.  I brainstormed names and finally settled on My Ancestors and MeThe first post was a photograph of my parents, taken during a happy moment of their lives, with a few short sentences.

I soon discovered Geneabloggers and submitted my blog for inclusion.  This blog isn't a daily read for many people but I doubt anyone would be reading it without Geneabloggers and now, GeneabloggersTRIBE.  You genealogy and family history bloggers are a wonderfully supportive and encouraging group of people.  Thank you.  And thank you to any family and friends who visit and read posts regularly.  I appreciate it.

I've commemorated this blog's beginning three times in the past and I love each of those blogiversary posts because they detail how I felt about blogging and family history research at the time I posted them.  They are
I'm not a prolific blogger nor a consistent one but some people come to this blog for several posts that seem to be perennially popular.  Other posts are of more limited interest but are interesting, nonetheless.

The eight most popular posts in the past 12 months are
     8  Don't Wait.  A Cautionary Tale
     7  Child #3:  Henry Kropp 
     6  Happy Thanksgiving
     5  FOR SALE --- Shopping Saturday
     4  Preparing for Christmas, Lighting the World
     3  Child #4:  Sophia Kropp Spahn
     2  December Birthdays & Anniversaries
     1  My Parents

The eight all-time most popular posts are
     8  Mineral Ridge High School Graduates, 1881-1954
     7  Genealogical Concept Map
     6  Reviewing Marriage Records
     5  Coal Miners in My Family
     4  Checklist for Completed Searches
     3  Au Gratin Potatoes a la Bill Knapp
     2  Helps for Translating the Old German Typeface 
     1 Helps for Translating That Old German Handwriting

For anyone who's interested, here are current statistics for my little blog:
     1,157 posts (plus about 120 draft posts)
     614,628 page views
I look forward to continuing to post information about my family history research and about my ancestors, their lives, and the places they lived.

Thanks for visiting.


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