Saturday, December 2, 2017

Problem Search in RootsMagic - SNGF

Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is this:
1)  Is your genealogy software family tree database perfect?  With no errors or inconsistencies?  Yep, mine isn't either!  Big time.  With over 49,000 persons there are bound to be some errors in my tree.  Even 1% would be 490 persons or 1,500 events!

2)  This week, find your genealogy software's "Problem Report" or something similar.  Tell us how you found it, and what it tells you about the problems in your family tree database.

I use RootsMagic.  I didn't know it would find problems for me!  What an idea!

These are the parameters I gave Problem Search:

Individuals without sex entered
Proper order of events
Birth before parent's marriage
Birth before parent's birth
Birth after father's death
Birth after mother's death
Age at death should be less than 100
Age at marriage should be 14 to 70
Father's age should be 14 to 70
Mother's age should be 14 to 50

The results returned six individuals with problems. 

The parents of two individuals married after they (the individuals) were born.  I'll check on those and see if they are typos (I'm horrible), if they're accurate, or if I need to do more research.

There are two infants without sex.  One of the babies had a name that could be a boy's or a girl's name and I think he/she died as an infant.  I'll see what I can find about that baby.  The other baby was a stillborn and perhaps should not be included in RootsMagic but when a mother says she is the mother of 15 children and she's including the stillborn, I just can't leave that baby out.  I have no idea how to find the baby's name or whether they name him/her.

One problem is that a child was born after her father died.  That's accurate.  Her mother was pregnant when her father was killed in an accident.

The other problem is that someone lived to 101.  That is also accurate.

So I have four problems to check for accuracy.  Unlike Randy who has 49,000 individuals in his database, I have about 500.   This exercise reminds me to be more careful and accurate when I add individuals.

Thanks for the fun, Randy, as well as for the heads up about being able to find problems.


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