Monday, August 1, 2016

August Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

Among my ancestors there were no August weddings.  I don't know why that is but think it's possible that my farming ancestors, weighed by labor-intensive responsibilities, were too busy with the harvest of field crops and garden vegetables to take time out for a wedding.  While the men were working in the fields, the women may have been putting food by for the winter months, canning tomatoes, corn, and other vegetables.

As for births, one would think responsibilities would have been lighter in November than in the summer or early autumn months, but who knows.  

Living Relatives
August   6    Carly S.
August 10    Michael and Nancy M.
August 23    Eva L.

August 24, 1852    Elizabeth Armitage, my mother's paternal grandmother

Among My Collateral Lines
August   5, 1909    Flora Victoria Bickerstaff
August   7, 1935    Janet Faye Martin
August 12, 1904    William N. McClelland
August 13, 1836    Thomas Laws
August 15, 1798    Sabra Bickerstaff
August 17, 1882    James R. Thompson
August 19, 1904    Infant Meinzen
August 19, 1905    Marie Hashman
August 20, 1906    Louise Snair or Snare
August 20, 1946    Jeree Lee Foulk
August 21, 1910    Anna Bell Hendricks
August 23, 1906    Catherine or Katherine or Kathryn S. Kitch
August 27, 1879    Ella Dray
August 27, 1888    Jessie Thompson
August 28, 1880    Marie Isabella Meinzen
August 28, 1938    Janet Lu Patton
August 29, 1886    William R. Henderson
August 29, 1896    Alice May Bickerstaff

Happy Birthday, all.



  1. It was very cold in December..

  2. No weddings?! An interesting hypothesis to explain why.

    1. I guess I was thinking particularly of my farming ancestors, Wendy, but who knows. There may be an old book at HEARTH that suggests wedding months for brides. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


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