Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

It looks like September was the most popular wedding month among my ancestors.  Four direct-line ancestor couples, including my parents and my maternal grandparents,  married this month and five collateral-line ancestors married.  I nearly always ask myself, why this month as opposed to some other month.  September's probably a better month than some, especially if you consider transportation in the 1800s.  It would have been easier to set up housekeeping when one didn't have to transport furniture and food in horse-drawn vehicles in rain or snow.

Living Relatives
September  2   Matthew S.
September  9   Natasha M.
September 22   Adam and Valerie D.
September 24   Aedan Q.
September 28   Jesse D.

Parents and Grandparents
September  1, 1861   Ellis H. Bickerstaff and Emma V. Nelson
September  8, 1914   William Carl Robert Meinzen and Emma Virginia Bickerstaff
September 13, 1888   Beulah Mae Gerner
September 15, 1938   Lee Doyle and Audrey Victoria Meinzen
September 23, 1872   John Thomas Thompson and Lydia Bell
September 25, 1870   Henry Carl Meinzen (the younger)
September 29, 1848   Frederick K. (Fred) Gerner

Among My Collateral Lines
September  1, 1898   Gust Froman and Mary Ann Smith
September  2, 1907   Nellie G. Hashman
September  2, 1916   Russel Rhome and Naomi Faye Meinzen
September  3, 1896   Carl Nelson Meinzen
September  3, 1909   Ernest A. Gerner
September  4, 1841   Thomas S. Bartley
September  4, 1846   Thomas Hardy
September  4, 1937   Junior D. Gerner and Evelyn Wire
September  5, 1874   Maria Watts
September  5, 1933   William Bickerstaff and Dorothy Justine Clemmens
September  9, 1909   William Henry Bickerstaff and Lucy M. VanKirk
September 11, 1831   Augustine Bickerstaff
September 12, 1921   Edward Eugene Gerner
September 15, 1852   Mary Ann Laws
September 17, 1884   Nellie Elizabeth Leonhart
September 18, 1844   Lavina (Vinnie, Viney) Bell
September 19, 1923   Baby Bickerstaff
September 20, 1909   Jack Davis Gerner
September 24, 1866   Robert Doyle
September 24, 1867   Tressa Rose Froman
September 24, 1900   Ethel Marie Bell
September 24, 1921   Isabelle P. Hashman

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, all!



  1. Hmmm... interesting. Maybe they thought June was cliche'

    1. Possibly so, Ellie, or maybe June weddings weren't a tradition yet. Who knows!


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