Friday, October 16, 2009

Looking at Faces

I believe that all the people in these photographs are my Meinzen family members. Are some of the people in the photographs the same people? I think so, but I'm not sure, so I'm looking for resemblances and noticing the changes that time might make in the features of the people.

I can definitely identify the individuals in the middle photo, and I can definitely identify two of the individuals in the first photo. I'm guessing who the other people are.

The estimated date of this photo is 1892-1900.

The older man in front is Henry C. Meinzen. The woman behind him is his wife, Elizabeth (Armitage) Meinzen.

Is the man on the left in this photo the same man in the photo below standing on the left? The nose is very similar. The face shape is similar, though the older man's face isn't quite so long. What do you think?

Are any of the young women or children in this photo also people in the two photos below?

The date of this photo is probably June, 1920.

Henry C. Meinzen, seated, is circled by his children, left to right: Mina, Naomi, Henry, Robert, Belle, and Lula.

The estimated date of this photo is 1900-1908.

Does the lady who is standing in this photo look like a younger version of the woman in the photo above who is standing on the right? Imagine a difference of 20 years....

Does the lady sitting at the back in this photo look like the woman in the above photo who is standing on the left?

You can see more information about these photos here, here, and here.
These are scanned images of black and white photocopies of photographs. They were in the box from Aunt Polly.

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