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Saturday, February 23, 2013

More "G" Surnames in Butler (Pennsylvania) County Probate Records

Below are the surnames beginning with the letter "G" which are included in FamilySearch's Pennsylvania, Probate Records, 1683-1994 > Butler, Probate files 1808-1917 no G466-G610 and H01-H30.  The records in this set were probated between approximately 1908 and 1918, though some of the wills were written many years earlier.

At this time this collection is not indexed but can be browsed.  The numbers after each name, below, indicate the image numbers, not page numbers.  Type the number into the box at the top of the FamilySearch page and click the arrow to go to the page.  When I noticed a name variation or a middle name within each file, it is noted in brackets.

Gillghrist, Maria [Mariah] 5
Graff, Peter 10
Graham, Jane 19
Gilghrist Curtis R. 23
Glenn, Mary A. 25
Gallagher, Andrew 38
Garvin, Catherine 114
Graham, N. McCloud ~123-128 (These papers seemed to be out of order, not in their own folder.)
Gilbert, Alexander 129
Gormley, Martha J. 134
Gibson, Elizabeth 139
Glass, Maude Elizabeth 164
Goodwin, Mary Jane 172
Gillgrist [Gilchrist], Zila [Zilla] 189
Graham, Elizabeth 193
Graham, Mary [A.] 212
Gravatt, Daniel 253
Graham, Julia R. 258
Graham, Nancy [E.] 265
Gunthrie [Guthrie], Benton H. 303
Gardiner [Gardner], Mary [A.] 328
Gill, Hugh 335
Gormley, Neal 340
Gibson, Mary J. 347
Gaertner, George 374
Graham, Hugh 378
Gibson, Isabel [Isabella G.] 385
Groom, James W. 391
Greer, Grizzella 510
Gahagan, Giles S. 515
Garvin, Wilson 534
Gilliland, John 560
Gallagher, Elizabeth [Lizzie] 565
Geibel, Margaret 580
Grubb, John 593
Graham, James 608
Grant, Frederick C. 628
Graham, Agnes 641
Gallagher, Matilda 647
Goehring, S. M. 652
Goucher, Addison 659
Graham, Joseph H. 661
Geiss, Phillip H. 669
Goldinger, Daniel 679
Gunst, Natalia 714
Graham, Thomas 744
Grubbs, Adam M. 748
Gilmore, Quinton B. 753
Goehring, John 759
Gillgrist [Gilgrist], Mary 803
Gold, Mellie 848
Gold, James 852
Geible, Joseph 869
Garing, Christian 876
Glenn, Daisy 884
Glossner, Jacob W. 902
Graham, John [A.] 910
Gruver, Matilda 931
Glace, George 957
Grossman, Nathaniel S. 967
Goehring, Jane 998
Galbraith, Anna D. 1003
Graham, Eliza S. 1015
Gilleland [Gilliam], Lewis [Louis] D. 1022
Grove, Leon [Vance] 1048
Grossman, A. V. 1056
Graham, Thomas 1092
Gillgrist, Elizabeth 1098
Green, Henry 1102
Geibel, Charles 1116
Groom, Andrew [Duke] 1125
Gibson, James H. 1138
Gilliland [Gilleland], Ella [Ellen] 1143

Greer, Sarah [Elizabeth] 1171
Gross, Charles P. 1207
Graves, Sedden [M.] 1238
Garvin [Mary] Lauretta 1244
Gerwig, Paul 1265
Gould, James 1279
Gold, Edward Milo 1289
Graham, O. P. 1295
Garfield, Mae 1324
Gerberding, Catharine 1331
Gibson, G. C. 1339
Gage, S. [Stephen] W. 1341
Greenwalt, Louis 1377
Gravatt, Harry S. 1385
Grossman, A. W. 1389
Galbraith [Galbreath], Robert S. 1394
Giesler, Albert J. 1413
--missing Estate File G-555, name not known 1433
 Gold, Jane 1434
Grossman, John 1440
Grieb, Valentine 1465
Glenn, Mollie E. 1481
Graham, Oliver 1522
Graham, Elizabeth 1528
Gibson, Charles R. 1530
Griesbach, Gustev [Gustav] [Adolph] 1540
Geohring, David 1558
Gates, Harry H. 1562
Graham, Edmund [T.] 1637
Grant, William [N.] 1650
Goehring, Sarah 1656
Gillam, Geo B. 1709
Greenewalt [Greenawalt], Henry 1714
Gassert, Peter 1767
Geibel, Peter 1818
Grubbs, W. J. 1821
Gibson, John C. 1827
Grossman, John S. 1851
Garvin, Charles L. 1883
Glossner, Bessie C. 1938
Given, Thomas 1953
Gallagher, Sarah 2005
Grossman, Harry [H.] 2018
Goettman, Regina 2032
Gill, Anna L. [Lauretta] 2039
Gray, C. G. 2048
Gribbeu [Gribben], James 2053
Gorn, Mary O. S. 2072
Gold [Gould], John S. 2076
Gillgrist, Thomas N. 2086

Gelbach, P. D. 2100
Grieb, John 2111
Ganter, Sadie [Sarah] E. 2116
Gilliland [Gilleland] [Gilland], Samuel E. 2141
Gibb, Samuel A. 2159
Gardner, Henry H. 2172
--Estate file G-594 is missing but no notation was made.--
Griffin, Archibald 2179
Golden, Owen 2185
Gahagan, Henrietta 2189
Gibson, Wilmina L. 2225
Graham, Josephine 2229
Gilmore, John C. 2233
Gillman, Olive 2262
Gormley, Genevieve M. 2265
Green, Sebastian 2269
Goehring, Gallert [Gellert] 2280
Graham, Catharine 2304
Ginder, Albert H. [Rev.] 2322
Gerard, Joseph 2384
Gibson, William 2410
Graham, James 2422
Glenn, James C. 2443-2454

I'm offering this as a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK).  I hope someone may find this list helpful, but I especially hope someone may find an ancestor (more easily) because of this list.


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