Wednesday, April 24, 2013

M is for Matrilineal Ancestors - Family History Through the Alphabet

The matrilineal ancestors, or mothers' mothers, are sometimes so hard to find, especially their maiden names.  But I keep searching.  (Sometimes I think, seven years and this is all I have?!  Of course I have more but no more mothers on these two lines yet.)

My mother's matrilineal ancestors, beginning with her and moving to each next mother
  1. Audrey Victoria Meinzen, 1915-1997  (married Lee Doyle)
  2. Emma Virginia Bickerstaff, 1893-1973  (married William Carl Robert Meinzen)
  3. Mary Thompson, 1872-1940   (married E. J. Bickerstaff)
  4. Lydia Bell, 1851-1930  (married John Thomas Thompson)
  5. Lydia Fithen, abt. 1826-btw. 1880-1900   (married Jacob Bell)

My father's matrilineal ancestors, beginning with his mother and moving to each next mother
  1. Beulah Mae Gerner, 1888-1913   (married Gust Doyle)
  2. Elvira Bartley, 1854-1943   (married Fredrick K. Gerner)
  3. Rebecca Smith, 1820-1899   (married Dixon Bartley)

And that's as far as the research has taken me on the women in these two lines.

This post was written to contribute to the Family History Through the Alphabet challenge, created and hosted by Alona Tester of Genealogy and History News.  Thanks so much, Alona!


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