Wednesday, October 23, 2013

William and Susanna - Wedding Wednesday

William Bickerstaff and Susanna Holmes were married on March 4, 1830, in Tuscarawas County, Ohio.

Wedding Dress, c. 1830
And I have some (unanswered) questions:
  • How did William and Susanna meet?  William lived in Jefferson County and they were married in Tuscarawas County.  Carroll County on the north and Harrison County on the south separated Jefferson and Tuscarawas Counties.   From the 1830 U.S. Census we know that William and Susanna lived in Cross Creek Township, Jefferson County, after their marriage.
  • Might Susanna have worn a wedding dress like the one at right?  Wedding dresses were not common at that time.  Women of that time wore a best dress but not usually a wedding dress.
  • Were they married in a church?  Was there a large gathering to celebrate or was it just the two them and a few other people?
  • What was the weather on March 4, 1830? 

I wish for more details but will probably never find them.

Below is a copy and transcription of William and Susanna's marriage record from Tuscarawas County (Ohio) Marriage Records and Index, 1808-1844, Volume 1, p. 156, Record No. 1244.  It is available on FamilySearch.

No. 1244
In the Matter of
William Begerstaff
Susanna Holmes

State of Ohio, Tuscarawas County, ss.
I hereby certify that on the 4 day of March in 1830, by virtue of a license from the Clerk of Court of Common Pleas, I joined in the Holy state of Matrimony, William Begerstaff and Susanna Holmes.
Elias Crane
I also wish the record named both of their parents.  Much research has been done on both lines.  I'll use others' research as a guide to find the sources and images for my own records.

Image of the wedding dress comes from Vintage Textile.



  1. I always wonder too about how people met, especially when they were living in different counties. Most of my ancestors seem to prove the 3-mile dating circle theory, but even then I wonder about the circumstances. Did they attend the same church? Did they meet through mutual friends? Was there a barn dance?

  2. Probably cold and snowy...Lake effect snow.


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