Thursday, January 30, 2014

News from the Mercer County, Pennsylvania, Courthouse

Last week I wrote a post about the challenge I've had in years past in obtaining records from the courthouse in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, and the success another Rootsweb email list member had recently had.  So I wrote another letter requesting the information I wanted.

Yesterday I received an email response from an employee at the Register of Wills.  In fact, the books are in the attic and they are too large and fragile to haul out to make copies.  BUT, she said they have some records on microfiche and can make copies for me.  Hallelujah! 

I don't know what information I will find in the two files she will copy but I'm hoping for information about the death of my great-great-grandfather, John Froman, including his death date, cause of death, and possibly his burial location.  Because one of the records regards the proceedings for his minor children, I think I will learn information about them.  The file with the six minor children is 16 pages long.  John's file is 32 pages long.  Surely there will be some helpful information!

Copies are 50¢ per page.  I hope I will consider it a pittance, i.e., that there will be good and helpful information in those copies.

The letter will go out tomorrow.



  1. Heck yeah -- $24 is way cheaper than a trip to Mercer County. Can't wait for your follow-up report.

  2. That's exciting, can't wait to hear what you find...


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