Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grampa and Four of His Sisters - Sibling Saturday

Clockwise from top:
William Carl Robert "Bob" Meinzen, 1892 - 1979
Naomi (Meinzen) Rhome, 1898/99 - 1979
Marie Isabella "Belle" (Meinzen) Hashman, 1880 - 1967
Wilhelmina Elizabeth "Mina" (Meinzen) Harris, 1885-1986
Lula Bernesa (Meinzen) Sticker, 1887 - 1979

This photo was taken in the mid-1960s.  These five Meinzen sibs had 10 other brothers and sisters.  Of the 15, only six of them lived longer than their parents. 

I had forgotten that three of these siblings died in the same year, just months apart.  Grampa died in June, age 87; Lula in October, age 92; and Naomi in December, age 81.  I never thought Grampa was particularly close to his sisters.  The aunts all lived in Steubenville, Ohio; Grampa lived in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.  Visits were infrequent, at least during the years I remember.  But Grampa didn't share much about his childhood, his parents, or his feelings, so who knows.

I don't know the occasion for this photograph but it must have been a solemn event considering their serious expressions.


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