Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Great-Grandmother Elizabeth's Birthday Is Today

Elizabeth is dear to my heart for all the challenges she faced in her life. Though I never knew her personally, she continues to be a great example to me. Other posts about her include Elizabeth and My Elizabeth.Few photographs of her survived and those I have are copies (some xerox-style) of originals. Poor photographs but at least I can see her image.

This photo makes me laugh because of the cup of liquid she's holding. Water? Was there a story or joke to go with this? Why was she standing in a field, dressed in Sunday best, holding a cup of water -- and posing for a photographer?

Elizabeth was born on August 24, 1852, in Bradford, Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Abel and Eliza (Hartley) Armitage.

Happy, happy Birthday, Gramma.


  1. It may not be water, but one of those cordials which are the fruits of the field, like elderflower ‘champagne’ or sloe gin. Worth posing for!

  2. Little Nell, I hadn't thought of it being some special kind of refreshment. It's entirely possible that she made her own elderberry or other fruit wine.... Thanks for sharing that thought. I really appreciate it.


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