Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wedding Musings on a Wedding Wednesday

I've had to lay aside genealogy, family history, and most of my blogging (both writing and reading) while preparing for my daughter's wedding in another two weeks.

As I carefully (and oh-so-slowly) hand-stitch lace to the bottom of her wedding gown, I ponder the activities of previous generations of mothers (and daughters) as they planned and prepared for their daughters' weddings. These are a few of the things I wonder:
  • Were any of their wedding dresses white?
  • Were any of the dresses hand-stitched?
  • Did they sent out invitations?
  • Did many people, or few, attend their weddings?
  • Did they have receptions or celebrations of any kind?
  • Did they receive many wedding gifts?
  • Did they go on honeymoons?
  • Did they wear something old, something new, etc.?
  • Were any of them carried over the threshold by their new husbands?
There are so many aspects of wedding preparation. I wish I could time travel back and be an observer for the preparation of and at each of my fore-mothers' weddings.

If I had more time I'd search HEARTH to see what I could find about the activities of brides and their mothers in times past. My research into that topic will have to wait until after October 8!


  1. Great luck on and enjoy your whole mother of the bride experience. Thanks for the HEARTH site! JLK/NK56

  2. Best wishes to you and your daughter as her wedding day approaches. May she and her husband-to-be enjoy a lifetime of happiness!

  3. Ah, Nancy, I'm thinking a lot about both you and Natasha lately. This is such a special time. I had a separate dress for the temple that I made, but couldn't get to the hem. I have a very vivid memory of my aunt, the day before my wedding, hemming this plain, white crepe dress. I didn't think much about it, other than appreciating her help, and she wouldn't take much credit because she insisted that this was an easy way for her to help. But later, when I had a little more time, I noticed her tiny stitches - there must have been over a thousand! I've never seen a more beautiful hem. It is certain that women in all ages have sewed love into these wedding stitches!

  4. That should say "sewn love" -my mother would be ashamed! I know better.


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